Your Portrait Experience

I would love the opportunity to help you decorate your home by creating portraits your family will cherish for generations. My photographic style would best be described as “directed”; I will get you started in a pose, but I love to showcase what makes you “you”, which occasionally means using unorthodox or silly methods. You may think I’m crazy by the end of our time together, but I promise you’ll love the results!

Your portrait experience with me includes:

· An in-person planning consultation to discuss your portrait needs, determine or refine the goal of the session, and get acquainted with each other. This is generally not a long process and not mandatory at all, but it helps me be able to portray your genuine personality if we’re not complete strangers during our session! It also helps the session process go more smoothly once we’ve determined what we’re aiming to create.

· Viewing and ordering appointment within 2 weeks of your session. For added convenience, this appointment can be scheduled for the same day as your session if requested.

· No Session fee or set time limit; we don't stop until we have what we need to meet your goals, and you only pay for the portraits and products you want. There is no session fee unless required by the venue (e.g. Studio Time, Tryon Palace, Airlie Gardens, etc), and your entire retainer goes toward your order.

· Delivery of your finished portraits within 3-4 weeks of your order being finalized. Books and albums will be delivered within 4-6 weeks.


Portrait Services Available

Couples · Families · Children · Extended Families · Maternity · Artistic Portraits · Studio · On-Location · Classic Decor · Modern Decor


I'd love to meet with you and create something beautiful together!

Wall decor begins at $250, Books begin at $375. Collections begin at $500.


I may operate differently than a large portion of local photographers, but I’ve found that when I used to restrict my sessions with time limits and digital files only, it felt rushed and clients generally didn’t do anything with them afterward - which to me seemed to be a disservice. Why invest in a professional photographer, only to have low quality prints to show for it? Or worse, only seeing your memories pop up on Facebook memories once a year because you can’t find the thumb drive anymore. My clients appreciate that I take the time to make sure we get what we are looking for and see the process through to the finish with professional, heirloom quality decor. I also understand that everyone wants to share their beautiful portraits with their friends and family on social media, so every portrait purchased includes a digital file for online sharing.