It's your Happily Ever After...

...But it isn't where your story ends. This is where your journey begins. Imagine, years from now, your grandchildren gathered on the sofa looking at your wedding album, a piece of their own personal family history. My mission is to immortalize your memories of the day with beautiful heirloom quality albums and decor so future generations will be able to enjoy them just as much as you will. 


Your memories, beautifully preserved

Let me help you decorate your home by creating stunning albums and decor your family will cherish for generations. 

I am a firm believer in quality craftsmanship, and am very particular with who I select to bring my work into physical form. I want nothing but the best quality for my clients, and I offer what I've found to be some of the finest albums, hand-crafted in Italy by an industry leader in both quality and innovation. 


My name is Lauren Palumbo, and I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer proudly serving the Crystal Coast and surrounding areas of Eastern North Carolina.

I specialize in Weddings and Family Portraits in a photographic style that showcases your authentic emotional bonds and relationships. I generally prefer to “direct” and let events and interactions unfold naturally, keeping your body language and expressions as genuine as possible.

When I’m not working directly with clients, I dedicate a large portion of my time to continuing my education: attending classes online and in person, meeting fellow local professional photographers, and being an active member of several organizations dedicated to perfecting the photographic craft and running a successful business. It is through these channels that I continue to grow not just on a personal level as a creative, but on a professional level as a business owner as well. Recently I've also started branching out into the world of print competitions, and even received recognition by having one of my photos featured in the September issue of Shutter Magazine.