Your Wedding Album


Contemporary Albums

I love the leatherette featured in these albums - both the book and Presentation Box have a soft, buttery feel to them and the magnetic closure of the lid is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere. When I received my first album I was blown away, and I'm sure you will be as well. 

I offer my Contemporary Albums (featured above) in in four sizes: 6", 8", 9.5", and 12", and my Signature Fine Art Albums in five sizes: 8", 9.5", 12", 14", and 16". Portrait albums are available in two sizes: 8", and 9.5". 


Fine Art Albums

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Your Wedding album is a precious family heirloom and it must be treated that way. It has been handcrafted with the best materials and printed using the most advanced technology by our exclusive world-renown Italian book binder GraphiStudio to last for many generations with the proper care. Follow these simple recommendations and your family heirloom will always be as exquisite as it is today.

  • Always clean and dry your hands prior to opening the book and presentation box

  • Always use only tips of your fingers, not nails to open the pages

  • Always store your album and/or photos at a room temperature, in a dry, non-humid place.

  • Never expose your album and/or photos to direct sunlight, extreme heat, cold and moisture.

  • Always use a clean, dry and lint-free cloth to dust your album and presentation box.

  • Do not use water or any cleaning solution to clean albums, presentation boxes or fine art boxes.

  • Ensure the surface where you place your book is clean and free of any cleaning chemicals or liquids, and does not have abrasive finish.